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About Eldercare Solutions Calgary

Our History


When our mother’s health began to decline in 2005 at age 80, I was the natural choice to manage her care since I lived in the same city and, more importantly, she trusted me. I assumed it would simply require a call to Alberta Health Services, a visit to their website and maybe a few other websites to find out what was available based on our mother’s needs. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was not the case and that there is no central location for the resources and services we would require over the next 10+ years as our mother’s health continued to decline.

Our Struggles

Spending hundreds of hours searching the internet, making numerous phone calls to providers in this sector and reaching out to colleagues who knew about eldercare through personal or professional experience, I soon concluded that managing mom’s care, finding the resources needed and weighing options as her needs changed would become an extremely challenging experience for both of us. More importantly, this began to interfere with the loving relationship mom and I shared. 

Making sure our mother was safe and comfortable while respecting her wishes and dealing with 5 siblings who each had their own ideas about how things should be managed often lead to me making decisions in haste without much evidence that I had done the right thing, let alone that it was the best option available. I would often discover more suitable solutions after a decision was made, paid for and implemented.

Our Solution 

Most of us are already over-committed in our day to day lives which can leave us stumbling through the muddy waters of overseeing elder care, doing the best we can, feeling overwhelmed and often compromising or even exhausting the patient’s and / or our own health and well-being not to mention financial resources. Throughout my journey and to this day, I have been contacted by numerous people in my network looking for advice while navigating similar situations. Now that I know there is no central resource for transitioning our ageing population through their senior years, I hope to help others avoid my overwhelming experience, by providing that resource.

Selecting and managing eldercare solutions and accessing public services can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. I believe that our senior population has so much to offer us and I'm passionate about sharing my extensive knowledge gained from navigating our mother’s care over 10 years along with continued, extensive research in this area since her passing in 2017. My goal is to ease the burden for clients and their loved ones by providing timely, comprehensive and thoughtful options to deliver the best solution for current and ongoing care.

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