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Eldercare Solutions Calgary Will Help You Navigate Your Options

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  1. With the available public services, subsidies and support to maximize your budget.

  2. Delivering a comprehensive list of care options, vetted and scrutinized by our team.

  3. Navigating the legal documents required for your protection including Wills, Personal Directives, Power of Attorney and specific documentation required by Alberta Health Services.

  4. Medical appointment documentation and prescription management.


  1. Comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your current needs

  2. Proven options and solutions for proactive planning to address your current and ongoing care management and accommodating your objectives and financial resources while protecting your wishes.

  3. Options and securing resources for mobility and accessibility solutions.

  4. Resources for dementia care and management to ensure your comfort and safety.

  5. Solutions optimizing the health and wellness of everyone, including family and caregivers.

  6. Furnishing options for end of life/palliative care.



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